Saturday, 14 April 2012

Science and Art

Cast of a Homo Erectus Skull
Hello everyone, since the beginning of March, I've been mainly talking about my new sculpture,Hyper Realistic Figure#1. It may appear that this sculpture is a real departure from the previous hyper realistic busts but actually this work is a continuation of my series of science based parodies which only a few have been shown on this blog.

Skull cast of Peruvian Aboriginal  with Sculpture  copyright  Art  Di Lella

I've always had interest in art based on science since school, except I never had the desire in pursuing a career in scientific illustration. I always wanted to remain within a contemporary art practice. I thought that didactic models had the potential to be parodied and be used in an fine art context..

Cast of a Neandertal Skull
Wax  Maquette of  Neandertal Woman   copyright  Art  Di Lella
Detail of  Neandertal Woman   copyright  Art  Di Lella
Homo Erectus/Ergaster   copyright  Art  Di Lella
 I continue to be fascinated by the amount of variation in human faces whether modern or prehistoric. This latest figure, Hyper Realistic Figure#1 is an example of Homo Erectus/Ergaster but instead of a dry illustration you might see in a museum diorama,this sculpture's content is more about a particular psychological state that many young children will experience.
I like using this type of imagery and subject matter as a vehicle for my ideas about people and what they're about.
Meanwhile, the studio continues to be busy, I'm hoping to post this week images of work being done offsite as well as pushing ahead (when I can) on my own sculpture.
I wish all of you a great upcoming week,take care. Cheers.

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