Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shaman's Dream Abraham Anghik Rueben

Copyright  Image     Art Di Lella  2013                 Sculpture Copyright   Abraham Anghik Rueben

Copyright Image      Art Di Lella 2013             Sculpture Copyright   Abraham Anghik Rueben

Copyright Image         Art  Di Lella 2013           Sculpture Copyright  Abraham Anghik Rueben

I've been recently going through my collection of images of different projects over the past few months. The above photographs show a wax cast of a sculpture by Abraham Anghik Rueben.  The mould which I made back in 2009 was off a soapstone original.  Abraham's works are often extremely complex from a technical standpoint and require sophisticated moulding and wax working techniques.
The wax sculpture cast that is shown was produced back in July 2013 and is in the process of being cast in bronze by the Crucible Foundry.  You can see more of Abraham's work at Kipling Galleries, Toronto.

At present, I've been making changes to the clay portrait that I'm working on as well catching up on other casting projects.
I'll be back soon. Cheers.