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Since 1980  Sculpture Moulds is a professional studio service offering :      Sculpture
                                                                                                              Model making
                                                                                                              Mould making
                                                                                                         Casting in a variety of media

Contact: Art  Di Lella    My studio is in Toronto. By appointment only.
 I can be reached at : 

Telephone :  416 - 516-2023

Here are some recent examples of  moulding and casting projects that I have undertaken:
                                                The Juravinski  Monument (plaster version)
                       Artist :  Gino  Cavicchioli                  Moulder and Caster :  Art Di Lella   (9 feet high x  6  feet wide  x  4 inches)        
                                                  Lincoln Alexander Bust
                          Artist :  Gino  Cavicchioli                 Moulder:  Art  Di Lella  ( 1.5 times life size)
                                 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Induction
Artist :  Gino  Cavicchioli                        Moulder and Caster :  Art  Di Lella

Concrete moulds for Matthew Del Degan designer and artist      Copyright image Art Di Lella

Copyright 2015 Art Di Lella

Copyright 2015 Art Di Lella

Robot Model Copyright 2012   Matthew Del Degan                          Photo by Art Di Lella

Concrete Beads for designer Marcus Uran     Copyright 2015 Art Di Lella

Casting with polymer cement for sculptor Ans Amsen         Copyright 2015  Art Di Lella 

Copyright 2015       Art Di Lella

Copyright 2015      Art Di Lella