Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Anatomy of a Pop Sculpture

Copyright      Art Di Lella 2015
Copyright    Art Di Lella 2015
Copyright     Art Di Lella 2015

Copyright       Art Di Lella 2015
Copyright       Art Di Lella 2015

Copyright      Art Di Lella 2015

Recently, I was commissioned by a local Toronto collector to produce a pop sculpture of a comic book character.

When I started modelling the figure and working out the basic forms,I started to play around and worked out in detail the anatomical structure.Although I never intended to produce an ecorche' figure for this project and of course it's not what the client wants instead I thought it would be fun to build the figure step by step and post some of the process on my blog.

Technically for those interested, the model is made of a soft microcrystalline wax which I had purchased from a local art store. The nice thing about wax I find is it's soft enough to model with fingers but still hard enough to get great detail using metal tools.

The scale of the figure is 1:6.
The height of the model at this time from top of the hands to mid thigh is 21 cm.

I'll be back soon.