Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Sculpture Head Transplant Review

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After a very long break from blogging I'm back with a new post.
The images in this post are the latest of my Hyper Realistic Figure. The figure is a clay reconstruction of a juvenile Homo Erectus(Lake Turkana Boy). Although this type of subject is usually reserved for natural history museums,my figure will be used in a contemporary art context.

Today's post shows the images of the new clay head. As I had mentioned in the previous post I was unhappy with the previous head and ended up purchasing an authentic copy of KNM-15000 skull from Francecasts which was installed on the sculpture back in March. Since then I've been carefully building up the forms and then over the past few days finishing the bust of this full figure. I have to say the main challenge for me in the sculpting of this individual's head is believability. I guess the main difficulty is no one knows what these individuals looked like so it ends up being a piece of informed speculation.

The rest of the body is done except for some detailing on the hands and feet. I will post those pictures over the coming weeks. In the meantime I'm starting some new projects which I'll talk about shortly.

I will be back soon with updates. Cheers!
Copyright        Art Di Lella 2014
Copyright        Art Di Lella 2014