Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Portrait and Monster Clay Part 2

Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright       Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright   Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright     Art Di Lella 2013
I'm finally back. The past four weeks have been extraordinarily busy in the studio. I''ll talk about it in my next installment.

Instead,the subject of today's post is my recent portrait commission which is being done in Monster Clay.
As I mentioned in the previous post this is the first time I've ever used this product. It's an oil based clay but it models more like wax. I find the sheen it has a bit distracting so I've been using sandpaper on the surface to rough it up a bit. It's still early on in the process with forms and facial features gradually emerging.
I hope to have the roughing out stage completed including hair over the next few weeks.

In the meantime,the shop is still busy but over the next two months I'll be talking about silicone casting and finishing as well as more entries of my Hyper Realistic Reconstructed series.
Stay tuned, I'll be back soon. Cheers.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Portrait and Monster Clay

Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright       Art  Di Lella 2013
Recently I received a commission to do a portrait. The images above show the early stages. The subject that I'm attempting is a middle aged female. I'll post it's progress over the next several weeks.

I have to say that this particular project for me is a bit unusual. What's unusual is I'm using a a product that's new to me called Monster Clay.
This product is an oil,wax based material which models like wax. It takes some getting use to the way this material behaves. It's like wax but lacks the stickiness and it's easier to carve.   Monster Clay can be warmed and melted as well. When it's warmed sufficiently the clay has the consistency of taffy.  If you take it further and melt the material it can poured or brushed into a mould just like wax.
Like other oil based clays this clay will never dry out.
Although it possesses many good qualities, I think it's best suited for smaller to medium sized works that have intricate detail. I don't see it as a replacement for wax or oil/water based clays but a welcome addition to any studio's materials inventory.

In other news, I'm madly working away at other projects,moulding and casting other artists' sculptures.
Speaking of which, I will post some images of casts that were done for others in some upcoming posts.

I'll be back soon, Cheers!