Friday, 20 January 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

This has been a strange but interesting week  so far. I started the week working on a large relief,a large wax cast and a bronze turtle. But the week evolved in a different way, I spent part of my time building a light box or exposure unit for my partner Barbara's studio. I've never built a device like this before since most of my training is in sculpture not silk screen printing. I do remember students building their own light boxes when I was at art school. So I decided to look at videos recently to familiarize myself with this device. It seemed to be a fairly straight forward building project except that I was uncertain as to the light intensity needed to provide an even,properly developed screen. The other issue was time. Was it prudent to use a timer that would automatically shutoff the light or a simple on off switch. At publication of this post, Barbara has not tried using the light box yet, perhaps Saturday. I'll let you if it worked.
Meanwhile, I still working on #6 and #5 hyper realistic sculptures and there should be some updates on those projects next week. Until then,have a great weekend,cheers.


  1. Heya! I'm thinking to build my own lighting box too, and i also saw some videos on youtube, but if you could share some of the videos you found or some tips, i would really appreciate it =)


  2. Hi devil confessions,
    I find it a bit hilarious that you are the first since the blog's inception to ask a question about info regarding something I made.
    The funny part is it's not about sculpture.

    I am more than happy to help with what I know.
    First,the video that I used for inspiration was this one
    I used for the light source,two sets of a double T5 fixtures with the standard fluorescent tubes. I painted the inside of the box white before installing the electrics. I think that helped in dispersing the light more evenly.
    I hope this helps.