Monday, 10 September 2012

Studio Projects

Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2012

Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2012
Copyright   Art Di Lella 2012
Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2012
Hi again
I'm back with a post that was promised last week. Today's edition is something that I've done before and that is to take random shots of the different projects that I'm working on.
The first image is my life size figure sculpture of Hyper Realistic Sculpture #1 or Lake Turkana Boy. This work is an ongoing project which started at the beginning of March 2012.
The second  and third image is a collection of beads and a bead making mould that I made for the Toronto designer Markus Uran.
Number four is a picture of the back half of the mould of  " The Crucified Christ" by the artist Greg Furmanczyk.
I'm also working other art pieces as well and that will be the subject of another post.
In the meantime, I'm applying skin texture to Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Sculpture#7 and  hope to have some new images soon.
I will be back later in the week. Cheers.

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