Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Robot Moulds

Photo Credit    Art Di Lella                      Artist    Matthew Del Degan
Photo Credit  Art  Di Lella                    Artist   Matthew Del Degan
I'm back again with some pictures of a project that I'm working on for the artist and designer
Matthew Del Degan. These are images of a series of moulds that I have constructed of a robot which will be cast in concrete.
The moulds are designed to allow the artist to produce multiples. It's a surprisingly involved project because the robot itself is actually cast in separate parts which will be put together later.
Photo Credit   Art  Di Lella                    Artist   Matthew  Del Degan
Photo Credit   Art  Di Lella         Artist   Matthew Del Degan
The final image is of the robot head and torso original on top of the base and foot mould.  The torso section is the last part to be  moulded.
In the meantime,I encourage people to visit  Matthew's website to find out more about the robot project and  his other works which encompasses product design, jewelry, industrial design and sculpture.
I'll be back later this week with more studio news. Cheers.

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