Friday, 24 August 2012

Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Sculpture #7 Clay Model Part 3

Copyright     Art Di Lella 2012
These are the latest images of #7. As you can see from the previous post his face is filling out more and the basic facial forms are better defined.
Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2012
Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2012

Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2012
Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2012
Copyright     Art  Di Lella2012
I'm always surprised by the face when it first appears. That has been true for all them so far. But the reality is that this is only the beginning stage and there will be lots of revisions to go through.
I'm thinking of doing a large post next week showing a review of all the characters in this series.
We'll see. Anyway, I'm will be doing next week a new cast of the Crucified Christ plus moulding a robot and beads. The studio is getting very busy again. I'll post regular updates over next few weeks so in the meantime I wish all my visitors a great weekend.
I love the journey that modeling in clay can take you if you let it.

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