Monday, 5 March 2012

Hyper Realistic Figure Sculpture#1 Part 2

Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Hello again, I'm back with the latest images of my newest sculpture, known for now as Hyper Realistic Figure Sculpture #1. The pictures shown are the early stages of  constructing this sculpture's armature. The purpose of an armature is very much like a skeleton, essentially a structure which provides support. There are various methods of building them but all that really matters is stability. This stick figure will be bulked out later with rigid foam and mesh plus the figure's pose will be finalized.
Once the armature is completed  then the clay is applied and the modelling begins. The skull being used for this project is a replica cast of a fossil human skull,circa 1.5 million years.
Although,I have an interest in human paleontology, this work will be a contemporary art piece and not an example of scientific illustration.
On my next post,later this week, there will images of the completed armature as well as other studio news.
Take care,have great week. Cheers.

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