Friday, 24 February 2012

Casting and the Weather

I just have a quick post for today. As I had mentioned earlier in the week,most of my attention has been working on two projects; an order of bird skull castings by the designer Sonia Kang and two copies in fiberglass of a large sculpture relief of race horses by the artist HaySam(Sam) Haytaoglu.

Photo by Art Di Lella          Sculpture by  HaySam Haytaoglu
 The above image is the finished fiberglass casting of HaySam(Sam) Haytaoglu sculpture relief.

Photo by Art  Di Lella            Bird Skulls by  Sonia  Kang
This pictures shows a some of the Bird Skull casts by Sonia Kang ready to be finished.

And finally, the cast and original clay(right) of Sam's sculpture. But that's not the only thing you should observe in this picture. Note the lack of snow. The weather in Toronto this winter is nothing short of extraordinary. There has been only a few snowfalls this winter and it's usually no more than 5cm. Toronto usually has less snow than surrounding areas but this even in Toronto terms is incredible. I'm not sure how this will affect spring and summer here but we'll see.
Next week, I should have some news on my Hyper Realistic Recontruction Sculpture series.
Have a great weekend. Talk to you all soon.

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