Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Peruvian Porcelain Post#2

Here are more photos of this new porcelain piece. I spent some time on the weekend to further it's progress.
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art Di Lella

As shown the piece is a depiction of a Peruvian aboriginal which has under gone cranial head modeling. It's based on a cast of a skull that  I  purchased a few years ago. This model still has a ways to go and  I'm not certain which direction to go at this point. But I know the more time spent on it will hopefully start to suggest some ideas for it.
The other projects have been delayed a bit because a of a moulding and casting project for a local artist but I'm still hoping to cast the the Old Man in silicone later this week. We'll see.

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