Monday, 23 May 2011

Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Bust in Silicone has Arrived!

Finally, I've just managed to cast the Old Man bust, it took several hours and steps to complete this process
The images below is exactly how this new silicone sculpture appears as it was removed from the mould. Because of the translucency of the silicone, the skin texture which appeared to be quite pronounced in the clay model, now looks rather muted.
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella

Image copyright Art  Di Lella

Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
The colouring in this casting is a combination of pigment and coloured rayon flocking which was mixed into the liquid silicone in order to provide a base colour.  But as you can see there will be a need  for additional surface painting to complete the pigmentation of the skin, which will also bring out the skin texture more forcefully.

The next step is to clean the cast,repair any casting defects and then the painting begins!
I'm hoping to be posting pictures of the painting and hair insertion soon. Meanwhile, other projects are moving along and should have further news on them later this week.
                                               Image copyright  Art  Di Lella                                                         

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