Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sculpture Parody and the Neandertals

I want to show a wax maquette that I made in 2008 - 2009. Some of the the work I was doing during the past decade often delved into parody.  I enjoy taking things out of context and of course subverting their original intent. I have over many years had an interest in human paleontology  especially the Neandertals .

This is a museum cast of a Neandertal fossil human from Israel called Wadi Amud #1.  The original fossil was found near lake Tiberius 50 years ago by a Japanese archeological team and it's regarded as one most significant finds in the near east from the middle paleolithic era.
What impresses me about them  as human beings is their enormous projecting faces and extremely robust bodies.
Getting back to sculpture, I was never interested in straight up scientific illustration as seen in museum dioramas for my own personal work but I'd rather use science as a jumping off point in my humourous explorations.

All images shown are Copyright  Art  Di Lella
Any ways, I plan on enlarging this model later this year only until the other projects are complete or nearly complete.
We'll see.

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