Friday, 15 April 2011

Porcelain Child Post #3

Yesterday, I finished the sculpting on my second attempt at porcelain. The modeling seemed to come together fairly quickly which I was a bit surprised because sculpting children can be challenging, especially when one hasn't done many.
Image is Copyright Art  Di Lella

While working, I realized how much this sculpture reminded me of the work of the eighteenth century Austrian sculptor Xavier Messerschmidt . Messerschmidt is well known for his physiognomic head studies which were private works that were created late in life.
Image is Copyright Art  Di Lella
Despite it's obvious classical look, I will still need to incorporate another element in this piece to make it a more contemporary statement.
Image is Copyright Art Di Lella
In the above photo, the sculpture as well as a skull of a small child which I used as a reference during the sculpting process.
Now onto the drying and then firing . We'll see if it survives.

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