Friday, 8 April 2011

Hyper-realistic Reconstructed Busts in Silicone.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I've been working on a series of reconstructed busts since January 2010.
The piece shown below was started in the fall of 2010 and was worked on and off until it was finally completed by February 2011.

During the process of making each model, I was surprised by how distinctive each bust has been so far. As I mentioned in a earlier post, I was bit concerned that these busts could end up looking generic or worse that they all look alike. Thank goodness that hasn't  happened yet.  I'm  very impressed by how much influence the skull actually has in regard to the morphological character of an individual human face. Although, I could never claim these sculptures are in any sense portraits, it's better for me to think of them as just an informed piece of speculation.
All images shown are Copyright Art Di Lella

Moving on, moulding and casting in silicone is next on the agenda.  I'll post pictures of the process soon.

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  1. I'm always fascinated by the details in your work