Thursday, 19 July 2012

Skin Texture and Adjustments of Hyper Realistic Figure Sculpture Part 2

Image copyright          Art  Di Lella 2012
Hello, I'm back again with a two part post.
Over the past week,I've been working on this sculpture's skin texture and making further changes or adjustments to the modeling. So, I thought it was time to show new images of the progress thus far.

Today's entry focuses on the head. In earlier postings,I talked about the need to find the right skin texture for this sculpted figure. I've been spending time experimenting with different approaches,sometimes making the skin fairly smooth much like a modern adolescent or applying the texture more vigorously like an older adult human. I have deliberately avoided any texture that would look ape like because as I stated before both apes and humans have evolved so to apply ape skin textures to the surface of this sculpture would imply that apes have skin texture that  has changed little from the common ancestor.   That being said, it would not be reasonable in my opinion, to have modern human skin on this figure either so instead I've applied a somewhat exaggerated human texture to this figure. You will see in these photos that some areas such as the neck are not complete but has the basic texture laid down. It just requires a bit more detailing before it's finished.
Image copyright           Art  Di Lella 2012
Image copyright      Art  Di Lella 2012
Image copyright                Art  Di Lella 2012
Image copyright             Art  Di Lella 2012

Image copyright        Art  Di Lella 2012
I guess what really counts is believability. Does this work overall?  We'll see how things play out.

Anyway, I'll be back in a few days with the second part of this post which is about the torso.

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