Monday, 15 August 2011

Bronze Baby

Back again with more images of  my bronze sculpture series. The subject matter of today's post is a baby born. It was modeled in clay in 2004 and cast in bronze, 2005. It was part of a series of sculptures dealing with facial expressions,partly inspired by the eighteenth century sculptor Xavier Messerschmidt physio-gnomic head studies. I thought it would be fascinating to explore the very moment of birth. The face is a composite based upon images of my own children at that crucial moment.
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella

Image copyright  Art  Di Lella

Image copyright  Art Di Lella
I find newborns strange almost alien like when first appear. Their heads partly distorted by the bumpy ride to being born. But I find the whole birthing process incredibly beautiful  as well as strangely humourous.
This sculpture was first exhibited at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and in a group show at Hangman gallery(Toronto) back in 2007.
Next post, I hope to have some new updates on #5 and moulding #3.
Have a great week.