Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Return of Jesus

Copyright  Peter Joyce 2013
The above image was sent to me recently by the artist Peter Joyce. It is the finished bronze sculpture that  was cast by The Crucible Foundry.  I was responsible for the mould of this sculpture which was made during the spring of 2012.
It's a real pleasure for me to see the final outcome of any art project that I'm involved in because as being part of the mould making process it's rare for me to see another artist's finished work. I'd just thought it would be good opportunity to show the final bronze with images of the original clay model below.

Copyright   Art Di Lella 2013       Sculpture by Peter Joyce

      Copyright   Art  Di Lella 2013          Sculpture by Peter Joyce

Copyright  Art  Di Lella 2013          Sculpture by Peter Joyce
The images above illustrate the clay model of this very unconventional Christ. It was part of a post done back at the end of April of 2012.

Peter does not have a website at the moment but I'll post contact info when it becomes available.

I'll be back later in the week with studio updates.  Have a great week.Cheers.

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