Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Texture and Modeling, Hyper Realistic Figure Sculpture #1 Homo Erectus

I'm back again with new images of my ongoing figure sculpture. Lately,I've been focusing on the neck and shoulders and making further changes while applying different skin textures in various spots. It's a back and forth process for me and not linear. You'll notice that the neck is thicker which was necessary because of the rather wide back to the skull. Before I made this adjustment I had noticed that the back of the shoulders  seemed a bit off but the actual culprit was the neck. Often, I find that happens when spending too much time in one spot or not enough can throw the piece "out of whack".
At the same time,I've been putting texture on the face ,neck and shoulders. The textures being applied are for the moment just experiments. As I mentioned in previous postings, I'm trying to find a skin texture that is appropriate for this particular sculpture. In the above image,I left the photo in it's original size so that the visitor will have a better view of the texture which is on his right pectoral and parts of the face(partly shown).
Anyway, I plan on updating the blog later this week. I hope all my visitors a great and productive week.
Take care.

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