Thursday, 8 September 2011

Moulding Hyper Realistic Bust #3 Part 2

Image copyright Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
Image copyright  Art  Di Lella
I'm finally on to the mouldmaking  of the third hyper realistic bust(Banner Boy). The first two images shown are of the silicone itself.  It's very blue! I haven't altered the colour in these photos, it's that intense. The first picture shows the two components of the rubber inside a container prior to mixing. The second, the mixing of the two parts.
The last three images illustrate the application on the model itself, Hooray! After the first coating is cured then more applications will be needed to get a sufficient thickness and later a rigid support shell  is built over the rubber to complete the mould. I should  have all the rubber coatings done this week in time for my next post.
Until then, have a great weekend.

PS - I want to thank my partner Barbara for the great pictures shown in this post and Cassandra at Sculpture Supply Canada for her helpful advice.


  1. Fabulous shots Barbara. I think the older I get, the more I love abstraction and I love that first shot and the crazy contrast of the peaceful portrait with that ultra blue splashed on it. I know it's not your intention to portray your piece that way, but boy do I love process shots. Thanks for the very clear descriptions of process, Art; very illuminating!