Monday, 14 March 2011

Sculpture Reconstruction

Over the past few years, I have been playing around with constructing faces over natural or cast human skulls.
I have many years of experience  sculpting  figures but have never seriously tried to model over an actual human skull.
I suspect,my main concern is it would be too restrictive and what really would be the purpose of such an enterprise.  I thought it might be possible to arrive at unique looking face but in the back of my mind,I was concerned that it would end up looking generic.
This particular specimen,that I was considering has a long narrow face with an exceptional length to the cranium(185mm) and a long projecting nose. I thought it would be sensible to consult texts on forensic facial reconstruction during the project.
The images  shown are the earliest stages as well as the finished piece..
Images shown are Copyright Art  Di Lella 2011
 The buildup of the face was very gradual as I wanted the skull to have as much "input" as possible. There were many revisions throughout the entire process but unfortunately, I didn't record them. Next time.

The finished work does have a unique face but I'm still unclear as to what this bust is actually about.  I have  made over the past year four different reconstructions but none of them work as stand alone sculptures. These pieces seem to be leaning towards an installation format. I not sure what the next move is other than to press on and make more.