Monday, 21 March 2011

Reconstructed Bust in Silicone

The individual shown is a another example of my reconstruction series of busts.  I started this bust in January 2010  and completed the modeling 6 weeks later.  This particular model is at the most advanced stage of any so far.

The piece was cast in silicone with pigment,hair and other materials. This sculpture like the others was first modeled in clay over a real human skull with the neck and shoulders added.

clay model                                                                          

  Then after the model was completed, a mould was constructed and afterward removed from the original.    Pigmented silicone was then applied inside the mould with a rigid backing.

Images shown   Copyright  Art  Di Lella
After the curing process,the mould was stripped off the cast and then the finishing of the sculpture was completed sometime later.

 The choice to use silicone was more about weighing options.  After experimenting with other materials, I decided to go with silicone because the result it provided was much more compelling than materials such as wax or plaster.
As I mentioned in a earlier post, I'm leaning towards an installation format right at the moment. Till then,  I'm looking forward to the next step.


  1. hey, the pictures look good:)

  2. the last photo is so life like

  3. Stunning. You always take my breath away. The silicone makes a huge differece, but your mastery of the modelling is world class, Art. You're right up there with the best.

  4. Wow! Really amazing work!