Saturday, 20 July 2013

Skin Texture for Hyper/Photo Realistic Figure Sculpture

Copyright          Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright         Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright         Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright        Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright       Art  Di Lella 2013

This is the early stages of skin texture being applied to the figure. The texture process as I've described in earlier posts is  multistaged with layer upon layer of different sometimes extremely subtle tooling applied to the surface. I've found this approach best because it gives depth to the skin itself.  It's been an up and down process so far but I feel I'm closer to completing the clay model than at any other time.
In the meantime, the studio continues to be busy with some major projects coming up in the Fall as well. I'll announce that in September. 
I wish all my visitors,a great weekend. Cheers.


  1. Hi Art,
    Just loving the sensitivity with which your create this texture. But the knees, the KNEES, I love the knees-whatever that says about me.LOL
    Just watched this youtube video and thought of you throughout :
    Be well and happy in all you do :)

  2. Hi Lorraine

    Thank you for the compliment and the video link.. It's funny you should mention the knees because I've had a few people who have commented on them as well.