Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Head Transplant and Comparison Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Figure Final

Copyright         Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright       Art  Di Lella 2013
Copyright        Art  Di Lella 2013
Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2013
Hello again.
I've just completed the "head transplant" of my Homo Erectus figure.  The face is definitely different from the first as you can see from the above image. It's difficult for me at this point as to why there are differences. The skull used on the first head (head on the left) was produced by BoneClones. It's a carefully crafted model which is very close to the original but not an actual cast of the fossil skull whereas the new head  was built over a cast of the actual fossil and so my question is: Are the differences between the skulls that significant or is it simply me having another attempt at essentially the same skull?
In the meantime, I will be starting final contouring and applying the skin texture to the new head as well as the rest of the body so there will be more posts on that too.

I'll be back soon. Have a great week.


  1. what an interesting experiment it would be to continues to remodel faces over these two skulls to see further differences. I believe it is inevitable that there will be as nature never literally clones itself. Great work Art. I love comparing the 2.

  2. Thanks Lorraine.
    Actually, maybe a better comparison is to look at the work of other artists who have attempted the same individual.
    These artists refer to themselves as paleoartists. The most well known who have attempted Turkana boy are Victor Deak,Elisabeth Daynes,John Gurche and the Kennis Bros.
    Have a look,you'll see quite a bit of variation.