Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hyper / Photo Realistic Reconstructed Sculpture #8 Roughing Out Clay Model

Copyright     Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright    Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright      Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright   Art  Di Lella 2013

Copyright    Art  Di Lella 2013
Hello, It's nice to be back blogging again.  It's been  a very busy period over the past six weeks working on numerous projects and I will be showing pictures of these different sculptures that I've been working on  next week. But instead of one single post, I will break it down into several posts with more content.

In the meantime........Today, I wanted to return to my last bust in the series Hyper Realistic Reconstructed Sculpture. I've just finished roughing out the clay model over the past few days.  Although "roughing out" is a funny term to use because the images above show a fairly smooth model at this point however what I really mean is that the basic forms are there but it's only lacking in final contouring, detailing such as creases and skin texture.

Next time, more news about Hyper Realistic Figure Sculpture#1  and of course as I had mentioned pictures of some of the various moulding and casting projects that have kept me extremely busy.
I'll be back next week.

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